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Storage Space in Bangalore

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Leo Storage Services
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Leo Storage Services

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Storage Facility in Bangalore

There is a common misconception that storage services are solely beneficial during home relocations. However, the truth is that trusted and reliable storage in Bangalore can greatly assist in various other situations as well. Whether you wish to engage in spring cleaning while still keeping your belongings, plan to move abroad, seek a worry-free solution for managing expensive rents during travel, or simply require temporary storage while renovating your home or office, Leo Packers and Movers offers ideal storage solutions. Our storage facility ensures the safety and security of your belongings, providing peace of mind through our trusted storage space in Bangalore.
With 100% protection from theft, weather conditions and pests, the citizens of Bangalore can now be stress-free storing their belongings within our storage facility. All you need to do is pick up the phone, tell us about your requirement for storage in Bangalore, and wait for an estimate from our side, and get going! Our moving experts will be more than happy to come to your home, collect the items safely, and store them securely. We can even assist you by giving you regular updates about the status of your belongings to ensure a seamless experience.

Storage Services By Leo Packers and Movers

Features of Leo Storage Space in Bangalore

Household Storage

We pride ourselves on being the best when it comes to helping you store your household items in Bangalore. You can store any household items on a long-term or short-term basis.


Leo provides records management document storage services for professionals and small businesses for the safe and secure business storage space of official files and documents.


We offer world-class office storage services and promise to keep all your office assets undamaged and safe all the time. You can avail of our office storage services for both short and long term at economical prices.


Leo provides bulk orders for storing a huge amount of luggage or suitcases at our facility. Therefore, whenever you need your luggage back either in half a day or the next day, you can instantly retrieve them.

How Leo Storage Space Services Works


Leo offers remote home survey is a highly favourable and most recommended approach to plan Storage efficiently during pandemic days.


We pack your belongings in durable, reliable heavy-duty and tough boxes for all types of usages.


Documentation is done at your home or office & a complete set is given to you.


The team then transports the items to one of our locations and places them within our customized storage units.


Leo will move your belongings to our clean, safe, secure, reliable storage facility. Our storage unit is weatherproof and pest resistant, with vast storage space for all your needs.



You will receive notifications at regular intervals to assure you of the safety of your belongings.


Leo provides a 24×7 monitored facility using high-resolution cameras to make sure your belongings are safe.


We take care of delivery, unpacking & arranging your belongings at the new location.

Storage Services
Bangalore Reviews

Ms. Sushma
Storage Bangalore, May 2023
We would like to express thanks to you and your team for providing excellent service in delivering and unpacking our luggage today. We were pleasantly surprised to find everything in good working condition. Once again, thank you for your excellent services.

Mr. Pawan Kulkarni
Storage Bangalore, Apr 2023
Thanks for providing support in storing my items in your warehouse for a period of almost 305 years. As always Leo has done a tremendous job, I will continue to be your fan and look forward to doing business with you in future.I must also thank the delivery boys, who did a great job too.

Praveen K Gupta
Storage in Bangalore, Oct 2023
Thanks for Everything. It was a very pleasing experience. Your team is wonderful.

Ms Ritu
Storage in Bangalore, April 2021 , Bangalore to Hyderabad Relocation, June 2022
Thank you very much for your service. My storage boxes were very well kept with no damage
I have relocated to Hyderabad and had received everything intact with no breakage or damage. Thanking you once again for your services.

Ms Vishaka
Storage in Bangalore, Bangalore to Jaipur Relocation, April 2022
All in all, I want to let you know my experience with you, your Bangalore team and the Delhi transport team has been excellent so far. Especially in this space, it's a rarity. So kudos to you and your management for hiring right and grooming them so well.
Wishing you my best.

Ms. Anupama
Storage in Bangalore, May 2020 to Nov 2021
I received my luggage back. And I am overwhelmed by the way the entire thing has been taken care of. Completely hassle-free for me with no damage! Keep up the good work.

Dr. Harish Pillai
Storage in Bangalore, Bangalore to Kochi Relocation, June 2021
They are an excellent team. You should be very proud of them.

Ms. Avipsa Sarkar
Storage in Bangalore, June 2021
My stuff has been shifted. Thank you & your team. They were very professional & efficient. Have lived in various cities for my job & have done multiple shifts. But this time the experience was awesome.

Nishma Shah
Storage in Bangalore for 6 months, Bangalore to Mumbai Relocation, February 2021
Leo helped me wrap up my apartment in covid during the lockdown in my absence. Made a video call so I could give instructions. Not a thing was damaged or lost while packing or moving. Very helpful and professionally done! Strongly recommend them.

Mr. Rathish Balan
Storage in Bangalore, December 2020
Truly amazing experience with the storage services of Leo Packers and Movers. Very prompt response - arranged for my complete household packing at Bangalore on short notice of fewer than 2 days! Polite and welcoming staff, nice office, and well-kept safe storage facility with locked cubicles.
The packing team did a fabulous job in carefully and neatly packing all household items with quality packing materials and tools - very professional and courteous. Overall, a world-class service by Leo Packers and Movers. Highly recommended!
It was also a pleasure interacting with Mr. Abhay and I'm certain that his young leadership will take the company even higher. Wishing the team, all the very best!

Leo's Storage Space Facility Features

Custom Made Individual Cabins


Round The Clock Security


RCC Building With High-Rise Floors


Over 1500 Delighted Customers


Odour Free Pest Controlled Sections


Self-Owned Warehouses


Dust-Free Area


Stringent Surveillance


Termite Free Space


Insured Starehouses


Frequently Asked Questions about Bangalore Storage Space Services

Leo’s storage in Bangalore is completely safe as we have our self-owned warehouse facility with the below-mentioned features:
  • * The warehouses are located on the 1st floor so there are no water logging issues.
  • * All the storage cabins in Bangalore are pest controlled and cleaned regularly.
  • * There is 24/7 security and surveillance of all our warehouses in Bangalore and across the country.
Charges for household storage service in Bangalore depend on the volume you take up and on the storage tenure. Typically, storage for 2 cartons comes at a minimum rate of Rs. 500 per month.
At Leo, there is no minimum storage tenure. You can decide to store for a few days or a few years depending on your requirement. Our storage facilitiy in Bangalore has secure system to keep your belongs safe for a very long time.
All types of household and office goods are welcome to use our storage space in Bangalore. However, we do not store heavy machinery, perishable goods, explosives, or any harmful substances
You can call us at the storage space Bangalore office at +91 80880 01122. Our representatives will get the items back to you.

Our Clients

KIA Motors
JP Morgan
Air Asia
UB Group
Astra Zeneca
mercedes benz
RBL Bank
Ashok Leyland
State Bank of India
Aditya Birla UltraTech

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